Project Profile | Update Your System

Our customer requested that AEI completely update their antiquated system. The goal was to increase space and bring the technology up to today’s standards, while focusing on being..easy to use.

We removed the entire cabinet and placed a 75″ LED TV with a Golden Ear sound bar below TV screen on the wall. The Sub-woofer is hidden behind chair in the theater corner. Rear Golden Ear Surround Speakers are placed onto speaker stands and located behind the viewing area.

Customer added their own cabinet below TV to complete the updated look.

All necessary equipment was reinstalled into new rack-cabinet at opposite corner of room. Rack contains all home-theater components, house audio distribution amplifiers and DirecTV receivers.

RTI Programmable Remote Control easily and intuitively navigates to all system operations including the theater lighting, accomplishing the primary goal of “easy to use.”

Technology Makes It Possible.
AEI Makes It Simple.