Room & Isolation Acoustic Treatments

Room Acoustic Treatment

Have you considered room acoustics? That is one of AEI’s first questions when people ask about home theater advice. Your theater’s acoustic environment is as important to your system’s sound quality as any single component. Sure, you can improve the sound with a new amplifier, new speakers, or the latest and greatest processor; however, if your room isn’t acoustically optimized, you still won’t get maximum performance from your system, no matter how much the equipment costs. Adding acoustic treatment is probably the easiest and most effective thing you can do to improve your sonic environment. We have many solutions to solve room acoustic problems and turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary listening experience.

Room Isolation Treatment

Today we find ourselves with an ever-increasing problem: Structure-Born Sound Transmission of low frequencies. What was expected to bring an added degree of enjoyment to the family was now a source of discontent. Those watching the movie wanted BIG sound and with earth shaking bass. However, the rest of the family in other parts of the house couldn’t stand the constant thumping and vibrations they were being forced to deal with. One party was constantly yelling “turn that thing down!” While the other party tries to inch the volume up in an effort to get that Large Cinema feel. Nobody was happy in the end.

The real problem is the room was not designed or properly constructed to withstand such severe sonic impacts. Conventional wall & ceiling construction methods easily conduct low-frequency sound, and are poor at blocking them out. Packing the walls, ceiling and floors with more insulation will not solve the issue. AEI’s design expertise and product availability can be applied to new construction and existing rooms will quickly dissipate the energy that can travel through walls and the structure-born vibration is minimized. Everyone was happy in the end.

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What Our Clients Say

  • “My wife and I ran across Accurate Electronic Interiors, Inc. (AEI) in 2006 when we started working with an out-of-state builder on the construction of our retirement home. It only took one meeting with Dennis & Bruce to verify that AEI not only had the professional experience, knowledge, skills and ability but, as critical, a compatible personality to undertake this type and size of project and be able to work with us and our specific demands.

    We have recommended AEI to many other friends in the southern Oregon area and would have no reservations in recommending their services to others in need of a professional, knowledgeable and competent team to transition their dream systems to reality.”

    Dennis Tetz

  • As past and present customers of Accurate Electronic Interiors, we simply cannot say enough good things about this Company. We asked Dennis Lane , President of Accurate Electronic Interiors, if we could write a note of appreciation and recommendation for the great job AEI recently completed in our Medford home.

    “Earlier, our perception had been that home theatre and sound systems would be priced out of our reach. We were thrilled to find that AEI would work within our budget to help us accomplish our designs. We ended up with the custom designed system we had wanted, within the time-frame promised, and on budget. Outstanding service is rare these days, and this Company responded to our only service request on the same day!

    We recommend Dennis Lane and Accurate Electronic Interiors wholeheartedly.”

    Dave DeMerritt and Toni Adams DeMerritt
    Medford, OR

  • “We have been very happy with AEI (Accurate Electronic Interiors, Inc.) and their employees. They are all very knowledgeable in high-tech electronics, are very easy to work with, and are always very quick to respond to any problems or questions we have.

    We very much appreciate all the work they have done for us and would feel very comfortable recommending them.”

    Robert & DeAnna Eastman
    Central Point, OR

  • “Our experience with AEI was one of the highlights of building our house. We were pleasantly surprised at the level of knowledge and full range of product that Dennis and his team offered to integrate the lighting, video, sound, phone, security, HVAC and pool controls in our home. The resulting installation is both fun and efficient to use. We highly recommend their capabilities and work.”

    Tyson & Leanne Wood
    Medford, OR

  • “After eight years of using our great media system installed by AEI, we realized that our system was sadly out-of-date, as cutting edge technology changes so rapidly. So, of course, we had AEI completely revamp our system, with state-of-the-art television, broadband and audio components. We once again are completely satisfied with AEI’s knowledge, service, and responsiveness to our needs. We would never consider using any other provider for our media systems. AEI is the best there is.”

    Neil Sechan & Matt Messner
    Ashland, OR