What’s the Best Medium for Music: Vinyl, CDs, or Streaming Services?

In today’s technology-driven world, it’s easy to feel that streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music dominate the music world.  Yet, dedicated musicphiles are keeping the operations of local record stores going strong.  What’s better–maintaining your physical vinyl, CDs, or streaming services subscription? Vinyl Does it surprise you that vinyl record sales are on […]

Six Reasons You Should Have Automated Blinds

Window treatments are often one of the most overlooked elements in home renovations.  Once blinds or curtains are installed, they are likely to remain in place for decades.  However, now is a perfect time to reconsider your window coverings and make the leap to automated blinds. Benefits of Automated Blinds Do you have windows that […]

Designing the Perfect Home Theater

Creating the perfect home theater experience in your personal abode is a great way to entertain friends and family.  Viewing movies or watching a live football game in comfortable chairs that each have a perfect line of sight to the screen and hearing the action from strategically positioned speakers in an experience like none other.  […]

Home Automation Can Light Up Your Life

Let’s face it, as much as we enjoy a reprieve from the hot rays of the summer sun, the cold winds and shorter days can be a bit depressing.  For many “nine-to-fivers” out there, it’s not long before it’s dark on the drive to work and dark for the drive home. Home automation makes all […]

Best Places to Install Home Surveillance Cameras

Today’s home surveillance systems allow you to capture footage during the day and night.  These cameras collect information about intruders that you can give to the police, and having security cameras often deters criminals from breaking in altogether.  Many of these systems can alert homeowners of motion or activity when the system is armed. Home […]

Make Your Home Automation System More Efficient with LED Lighting

Home automation can create efficiencies and lower your electricity bill when lights are set to be switched off when not in use; however, some owners find they start using some lights more than before.  For example, with the ease of setting lights to come on and dusk or programming lights to operate when you’re not […]

Your Wish is Josh’s Command.

Our Josh Voice-Controlled Home Automation System Creates Your Perfect Environment. What if controlling what’s going on in your home didn’t require you to have a device in your hand?  Our Josh Voice-Controlled Home Automation system does just that. Josh goes beyond the technology available in big box stores to create an atmosphere where you can […]

Your Home Automation Dashboard Can Be A Resource to Protect Your Home Against Fire

Home automation makes it more pleasurable to watch movies, easier to keep hot sunlight out of your home, and simple to light up your yard in the evening.  But have you considered how a home automation dashboard could keep your family safe from potential home fires? In 2019 alone, 354,400 residential homes suffered damage and […]

Building a New Home? Plan Ahead for Home Automation!

Building your dream home is exciting.  You likely have visualizations of ideal days spent enjoying the various rooms of the new house.  Home automation can increase the livability of the new spaces and will likely increase the home’s value down the road.   As you’re finalizing your blueprints, don’t forget to consider your home automation system’s […]

Rely on Smart Professionals to Design and Install Your Smart Home Technology

People across the country are in love with home automation.  Experts estimate 8.4 billion digital voice assistants will help keep just about anything hooked to the electric grid operating remotely by 2024.  Today, it’s simple to use a handheld device to turn lights on and off, change the channel on television, unlock doors, secure the […]