Internet/WiFi Distribution

Technology Makes It Possible,

AEI Makes It Simple!

AEI recognizes that IT (Information Technology) system requirements are extremely demanding and we meet this need with robust and reliable solutions. Often your television, telephone, and music are all delivered to you over your home network. Add in your mobile devices, computers, and smart appliances and you are officially considered a “connected home”.


Digital Backbone

The backbone of all communications and control is a high-speed data network. Once inside the firewall, your data network is distributed throughout your property via ultra-fast gigabit connections and business-grade managed switching. Seamless WiFi coverage is delivered by a network of wireless access points that provide an umbrella of high-speed wireless data access so you can roam with your laptop, tablet, or Smartphone and always maintain a fast, reliable connection to your network.

Your Automated Home

It is important to note that the IT system is not only required for your personal needs and enjoyment, it is also the backbone of all your AEI services, such as your home automation control system, audio and video streaming, content library sharing, and integration with your telephones, security system, cameras, lighting, climate, etc. AEI understands the critical importance of extreme reliability.