Room & Isolation Acoustic Treatments

Have you considered room acoustics?

That is one of AEI's first questions when people ask about home theater advice. Your theater's acoustic environment is as important to your system's sound quality as any single component. Sure, you can improve the sound with a new amplifier, new speakers, or the latest and greatest processor; however, if your room isn't acoustically optimized, you still won't get maximum performance from your system, no matter how much the equipment costs. Adding acoustic treatment is probably the easiest and most effective thing you can do to improve your sonic environment. We have many solutions to solve room acoustic problems and turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary listening experience.


Room Isolation Treatment

Today we find ourselves with an ever-increasing problem: Structure-Born Sound Transmission of low frequencies. What was expected to bring an added degree of enjoyment to the family was now a source of discontent. Those watching the movie wanted BIG sound and with earth-shaking bass. However, the rest of the family in other parts of the house couldn't stand the constant thumping and vibrations they were being forced to deal with. One party was constantly yelling "turn that thing down!” While the other party tries to inch the volume up in an effort to get that Large Cinema feel. Nobody was happy in the end.

Hear What You Want to Hear

The real problem is the room was not designed or properly constructed to withstand such severe sonic impacts. Conventional wall & ceiling construction methods easily conduct low-frequency sound and are poor at blocking them out. Packing the walls, ceiling, and floors with more insulation will not solve the issue.

AEI’s design expertise and product availability can be applied to new construction and existing rooms will quickly dissipate the energy that can travel through walls and the structure-born vibration is minimized. Everyone was happy in the end.

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