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Building a New Home? Plan Ahead for Home Automation!

Building your dream home is exciting.  You likely have visualizations of ideal days spent enjoying the various rooms of the new house.  Home automation can increase the livability of the new spaces and will likely increase the home’s value down the road.   As you’re finalizing your blueprints, don’t forget to consider your home automation system’s […]

Rely on Smart Professionals to Design and Install Your Smart Home Technology

People across the country are in love with home automation.  Experts estimate 8.4 billion digital voice assistants will help keep just about anything hooked to the electric grid operating remotely by 2024.  Today, it’s simple to use a handheld device to turn lights on and off, change the channel on television, unlock doors, secure the […]

Have you discovered the MQA difference?

MQA, or Master Quality Authenticated, is a technology developed using innovative digital coding that optimizes the physiology of how the human ear hears sound.  Hearing is one of the most intense senses humans possess.  For example, within milliseconds, a person can hear a noise and form a reasonable estimation of where the sound is coming […]

The Future is Accessible Today with Home Automation

The number of people worldwide taking advantage of home automation is increasing rapidly.  Statista reported that an estimated 175 million homes worldwide are using smart technology, and 63 million U.S. homes will be automated through these technologies by 2022.  If you’re in the market to sell your home in the future, smart technology is a […]

Home Automation Makes Having Friends Visit More Fun

Having a home theatre and distributed music system doesn’t just mean staying home to watch your favorite movies in your pajamas; it means having everything you need for the ultimate party with your friends.  Grab some takeout or prepare a few easy snacks, and get ready to have some fun with your home automation system. […]

Four Considerations to Help You Get Started on the Path to Home Automation

Home automation systems make enjoying your home easier and convenient.  With the touch of a button from a centralized remote or mobile application, it’s now possible to control everything from video and audio systems to security surveillance and even window blinds.  Purchasing a home automation system can seem overwhelming, so our team has put together […]

Reduce Your Risks of Break-In with Home Automation

Three out of four homes in the United States will be burglarized over the next 20 years.  2.5 million break-ins occur every year–equivalent to one burglary every 13 seconds.  With crime on the rise, now’s the time to reduce your chances of being victimized. How can you reduce your risks of becoming a victim? There […]

How to Prioritize Your Home Automation Investment

Home automation systems make it simple to remotely access everything you need to make your home comfortable and inviting: Wireless speakers and video systems to listen to music or enjoy your favorite movie in your home theater, Lighting that will turn on and off at set intervals, according to dawn/sunset, or based upon whether or […]

Have You Reviewed Your WiFi Distribution Lately?

Increasing amounts of at-home technology to automate all aspects of your life mean more use of your home WiFi distribution network.  All these components mean more drain on your bandwidth and additional exposure for hackers to break in.  When was the last time you reviewed your system and completed recommended upgrades?  Here are a few […]

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold, but Just Right! Add Automatic Temperature Control to Your Home

When you invest in smart home automation, you’re creating an environment tailor-designed to be comfortable and pleasing to your specific desires.  Extending home automation with automatic temperature control and your home’s climate with lighting and sound for the perfect atmosphere—whether it’s time to begin your daily workout or you’re gearing down to relax from a […]