Home Automation

Reduce Your Risks of Break-In with Home Automation

Three out of four homes in the United States will be burglarized over the next 20 years.  2.5 million break-ins occur every year–equivalent to one burglary every 13 seconds.  With crime on the rise, now’s the time to reduce your chances of being victimized. How can you reduce your risks of becoming a victim? There […]

How to Prioritize Your Home Automation Investment

Home automation systems make it simple to remotely access everything you need to make your home comfortable and inviting: Wireless speakers and video systems to listen to music or enjoy your favorite movie in your home theater, Lighting that will turn on and off at set intervals, according to dawn/sunset, or based upon whether or […]

Have You Reviewed Your WiFi Distribution Lately?

Increasing amounts of at-home technology to automate all aspects of your life mean more use of your home WiFi distribution network.  All these components mean more drain on your bandwidth and additional exposure for hackers to break in.  When was the last time you reviewed your system and completed recommended upgrades?  Here are a few […]

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold, but Just Right! Add Automatic Temperature Control to Your Home

When you invest in smart home automation, you’re creating an environment tailor-designed to be comfortable and pleasing to your specific desires.  Extending home automation with automatic temperature control and your home’s climate with lighting and sound for the perfect atmosphere—whether it’s time to begin your daily workout or you’re gearing down to relax from a […]

Will Home Automation Increase My Home’s Value?

Home automation comes with a number of fantastic benefits.  With a few taps on a mobile device or with a remote control, you can do everything from open the blinds to turn up the heat and get your favorite movie playing.  Because you have more control to automatically set lights to turn off and adjust […]

5 Ways Home Automation Benefits Families with Kids

Home automation isn’t just about playing your favorite music selections from speakers in every room of your home.  Whether your kids are 5 or pushing past 15, this technology can provide your family with home automation benefits you may not have considered.  Here are just a few ways families with kids benefit: Save energy. Face […]

Why a Professionally Installed Home Automation System is Superior to DIY

Visit any big box store and you’ll find a wide variety of home automation system products.  Colorful boxes provide seemingly easy directions to create security and convenience in a few simple steps.  With that in mind, why should you put the boxes back on the shelf and contact the professionals?  Here’s what the boxes don’t […]

Investing in Home Automation Can Save You Money

A home automation system can boost the enjoyment of your home, but did you know this investment could save you money on your utility bills?  You’ll not only enjoy the perfect lighting, relaxing music, and the best home theatre in your neighborhood—you’ll be relishing the savings to your monthly expenses, too.  Here are a few […]

A Home Automation System is the Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Entire Family

Are you trying to find a holiday gift the whole family can enjoy from home?  Now is the perfect time to implement a home automation system.  Transforming your home is easy.  Here are just a few ways your family will enjoy the new technology: Easily convert your environment to a fine dining experience. Home automation […]

Home Automation Can Make Life Easier for those with Mobility Issues

For a person with mobility issues, many of the tasks required for daily life are a struggle.  Home automation can be a life changer in providing disabled and elderly individuals more time to live independently.  The professional team at Accurate Electronic Interiors can work with you to design a home environment that allows those you […]