Project Profile | Invisible TV

One of the  greatest parts about AEI is seeing the newest  technology. For example this lift will allow the TV to raise up through the hardwood floor, and when lowered you will never even know it was there! It’s  amazing. Perfect for clients that really don’t like the visual clutter of technology in their homes […]

Project Profile | Gaming Station

AEI customer’s request was – “To make it louder, faster and in your face!” We figured, we’ve got this. Bruce Powell, AEI’s Sr. Technician and Programmer, went to work. We started by taking the standard Play-seat assembly and re-fabricated the monitor mounts that came from factory for the 40″ LED TV and we fabricated a […]

New & Existing Wiring

AEI creates an internal wiring network in the home that supports telephone, cable TV, digital satellite and in-house computer services. The design and construction of today’s custom home is not complete without a properly designed and executed wiring system capable of delivering content from outside service providers and handling the flow of data within the […]